Anita Hagen – Executive Director;

Board of Directors:

Mary Lou Finchum – President; ,

Kathleen Young – Treasurer;

Carroll Hopp – Secretary;

Laura McNamara – Shopping Coordinator;

Kathleen Connelly – Wellness Outreach;

Matt and Amy Englert

Gary Baird

Bob Killmer

Program Directors:

Roberta Frye – Volunteers

Doug Mehlan – Business and Group Food Drive Coordinator;

Cindy Ariel – School Food Drive Coordinator;

Chris Badger Kraft – Harvest Blessings 2019 Event at Blackhawk Winery;


White River Christian Church


1605 N. 10th Street

Noblesville,IN 46060

Mailing Address:


Noblesville,IN  46061

Hours of operation:

Tuesdays 10:00-11:30am

Thursdays 9:30 -11:30am

Work Days and other times for Donation can be scheduled as needed.

Use above contact information to coordinate.

See Upcoming Events page for next General Members meeting which are always open to the public.  They are held at White River Christian Church Annex at 1605 N. 10th St.